One More Stateside Post

Ok, I lied.  One more post before getting to Kyrgyzstan.

Staging is the very first baby step to Peace Corps Training and involves two days of introductions to staff and the other volunteers as well as an extremely basic orientation.  On Wednesday, April 22 I arrived at the staging site in Washington DC along with the 60 other invitees in the Kyrgyzstan 23rd Volunteer Group (K-23).

It is without a doubt the most impressive group of people I’ve ever been associated with.

They have lived on all corners of the globe: Jordan, Turkey, India, Spain, France, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Chile, Dominican Republic, and many other countries.  They have wildly diverse backgrounds and are there are experts in every subject under the sun.

The best part of the days in Staging in DC was finding that as impressive and even intimidating as these people are, none are unapproachable.  These are the people that I’m going to be working with for the next 2+ years and they’re already becoming great friends.


The people who will be keeping me sane.


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