The Prodigal Bag Returns

Like I said before, about fifty of the K-23’s bags – including my own big duffel – got left in Germany on their way to Kyrgyzstan.  That was a problem because there wasn’t a whole lot of useful stuff in my carry on bags.  I mean I had a couple of baseball gloves, a coffee mug, a Michigan Tech flag (represent!), and some books; but of course things like toothpaste, extra underwear, and deodorant were packed neatly away in the duffel.

You might imagine that after a couple of days I neither felt nor smelled particularly pleasant.

So today, my small language group – Stephanie, Margarite, John, (Little) John, Neng, and myself – were assigned an afternoon field trip to visit each trainee’s host family and introduce each other to them.  As we were walking from one home to another down a side street, two mashrutkas (large vans/small busses used mostly for public transportation) pulled up next to us and the drivers jumped out.  I thought they were just looking for passengers and that we looked to fit the bill.  That is, I thought that until I saw my beautiful, blue, Ford duffel bag in the window of the lead mashrutka.

Smelly no more!

It turned out that the Peace Corps staff had gotten some of our bags from Turkish Air back in Bishkek this morning and then sent them out to their owners in the training communities.

I unpacked the rest of my gear, slipped into some fresh clothes, and tonight I am a happy camper.


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