Back in Bishkek

It’s been three weeks since me and my fellow K-23 trainees left Bishkek for our respective training communities and except for  small excursions to the immediately adjacent villages to post blogs and check Facebook at an internet café and attend large group training sessions, I haven’t been outside of Kengesh.  Yesterday the leash was extended ever so slightly and we all got to go back to Bishkek for the proper tour we missed out on the first time around.

First thing in the morning the five members of my small language group, our language trainer Bakyt, and myself caught a Mashrutka to the old bus station on the East side of Bishkek.  We checked out a bunch of stores filled with inexpensive Chinese goods, walked through the administrative center of the city and country as a whole, became last minute guests at a talent show, tried not to get trampled in the enormous Osh Bazaar, and toured the Peace Corps Headquarters.  We had a fantastic lunch of pizza which I washed down with the best Coke I’ve ever had.  (I really do like the Kyrgyz food that I’ve been having, but I think one American meal after three weeks was justified, right?)  I also finally found some lined stationary to write some letters home with.  I don’t exactly have Thomas Jefferson’s penmanship so  I need me some lines.  So much happened in the one day visit that I’ll have to post about some of them separately.

Instead of wording you to death anymore, here’s some pictures:


Some traditional outfits at a Bishkek shopping center. (Emily Crane)


2010 Revolution Memorial in front of the Kyrgyzstan Executive buildings. (Emily Crane)


A sample of the wares for sale at Osh Bazaar. (Emily Crane)

janke  The Manas statue and square in front of the Kyrgyzstan national history museum. (Mark Janke)


Some of the delicious food available in the big city. (Cody Alton)


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