Community Day

On Thursday the two Kengesh language groups found out that we missed a memo.  We were supposed to have been planning a big event to teach English to kids in our community.  Not only were we supposed to be preparing for this, it was supposed to be taking place on Saturday – two days later.

So, in light of that news, a couple of Volunteers went over to the Kengesh elementary/middle school and asked if the director (principal) might make an announcement that a bunch of American Peace Corps Volunteers would be doing something vaguely educational on Saturday morning at the soccer fields.  Without knowing whether or not that announcement would be made or how many kids would show up, we talked over some games we might play.

Come Saturday morning, I had the unlucky distinction of being the first Volunteer to show up.  So, in stereotypical Peace Corps fashion, when I arrived something like 25 ten-year-olds were on me like paparazzi on Ben Afleck.  Fortunately, before I found out how long it would be funny to pretend to be surprised that  none of them were married, some of my fellow Volunteers showed up.

At the height of the morning there were somewhere between 100 and 150 kids.

What little planning that had taken place was totally forgotten about and what sort of naturally happened is that more manageable groups formed around one or two Volunteers to play frisbee, soccer, dodgeball, red rover, redlight-greenlight, or something else.  I can’t speak to the other Volunteers’ groups, but in mine, English learning definitely took a backseat to the frisbee circle.  As kids joined the circle though I did have little conversations with them in English about their families, their hobbies, their favorite soccer team and whatnot, so I’m writing off the time as  sufficiently educational.


Steph, Emma, and Angie fitting in with the popular middle school girls.


Apparently, this isn’t Leo Messi.  Neither were the five others wearing Barcelona jerseys.


Mark saying “Hi” from the frisbee circle.


 Some frisbee/soccer/tag/dodgeball.  Basically recess.


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