And Then a Storm Blew In

I thought it was hot when we went hiking the other day, but the heat wave that we’ve been dealing with for the last week or so was only getting worse and yesterday the temperature was over 100 all day.  It was one of those sit-in-the-basement-in-your-underwear  kind of days, but since houses here don’t have basements, that’s not an option.  Not to mention that I’m not quite sure how my host family would feel about their volunteer sitting around in his underwear.  After trying not to move all day and barely surviving, it finally started to cool off by 7:00 or so.

As we sat down for dinner at the outdoor dining area, though, a full on storm blew in in like 10 minutes.  The power went out within seconds of the wind picking up (as it does).  It was actually pretty cool and I was taking some pictures until a couple of corrugated tin roof panels blew off the house.  The family policy seems to that it’s all fine and good until debris starts flying, which is really a policy I can get behind.

Everything else was fine, we rode out the storm inside, and when I woke up in the morning all was good.  There are downed trees around town and power was out all over Bishkek (which I had to clarify when Zahara told me. “ALL of Bishkek? Like, the WHOLE thing?”)  but in the end, other than a bit of inconvenience, no harm was done.



Some aftermath on the way to class


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