Another New Place: Part I

It was only about a half kilometer drive from the highway to Nurkalyi’s house, but since I was still carrying all my luggage, it was a much appreciated drive.  Nurkalyi has a very nice home with an indoor bathroom for kitchine (little) needs, but for chong (big) needs it’s the typical outhouse out back.  My room is spacious with shelves for my stuff and a big armoire.

I spent the first hour or so here in my new home unpacking, but it didn’t take long before Nurkalyi swept me out the door to a neighbor’s place for a dinner of potatoes, bread, tea, and kymyz.  Now kymyz, on a good day is bad and on a bad day is undrinkable.  It’s base flavor is milk for sure, but it’s sour and bites like something alcoholic.  I have had it once or twice before in sips only, but last night I found myself facing a big bowl – maybe two cups worth – of the stuff.  Fortunately, and not that it’s a huge compliment, this was probably the best kymyz I’ve had.  The texture was much smoother than I’d had before and it was chilled.  I was pretty proud of the pace I kept to put most of it down.  I did leave one big gulp in the bowl until the tea was poured though for fear I’d get a second if I finished.

The rest of dinner was very good – the potatoes, bread, and tea.  After the meal Nurkalyi and I said good-bye and headed back to his place.  Because his daughter was visiting from Bishkek and was leaving that night, we made a second excursion to the Rayon center (county seat), Kirovka, to drop of her off at the bus station.

We got back to the house again around 10:30 shared some photos and then I hit the sack.



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