Apricots, Apricots Everywhere

Back home I was not exactly known for my healthy food choices.  I figured, “hey, what’s the use of having a twenty something’s metabolism if you’re not going to take advantage of it, right?”  And when it comes to nutrition, I’m still probably not the best Health Volunteer to emulate.  I get my fair share of sugared tea, buttered bread, and oh so delicious chocolate.

Apricots, though, are quickly becoming my favorite food.  They are everywhere in Kara Suu.  Every single house has at least one tree in the yard and probably have a small orchard somewhere out back.  Right now is the perfect time to be here, because they are all turning dark orange-yellow; ripe for the picking.

Also, since I measure a full six-foot-nothing, I am something of a freak of nature here.  My language skills might be garbage, but damn if I can’t reach that apricot that you can’t.  And I’m more than happy to do it too, because when it comes time to eat apricot jam this winter they’ll remember who “fee-fi-fo-fumm-ed” over to help with the picking last summer.


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