Sports Camp: Soccer Day

Four hours after previous day’s jyloo came to an end I got back out of bed with my sheep buddy’s revenge coming out of both ends.  I guess that’s probably fair what with my having eaten him and all.

As much as I would have liked to languish in bed all day , it was the first day of Sports Camp and there were a bunch of kids counting on me to get them to Talas City for soccer.  So I pulled myself together as much as possible and headed over to the school to meet up with Damira, the PE teacher, and twenty kids – ten more than I was expecting, but whatever, the more the merrier.

A mashrutka pulled up, we all piled in, and headed for Talas.  We drove right up to the Talas Sports Stadium and met up with Mac, Max, Lauren, and Alyssa – other Volunteers from around Talas Oblast.

It was a pretty successful day of dribbling, juggling, shooting, and passing drills and, after lunch, some pretty exciting soccer games.  Still not totally sure that everything inside me was content to stay there, I sat out most of the day and busied myself with taking pictures.

After the camp wrapped up, the kids headed back to Kara Suu and the other Volunteers and I went to the bazaar to pick up food for dinner.  We got noodles, cabbage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers for a hot dish and vegetable salad.  He may not think so, but really, Max is a good cook.  Dinner was pretty darn tasty.

Hotels are kind of expensive here and there aren’t that many so it is pretty common to rent apartments by the day or week.  We had done that with a small apartment in downtown Talas and stayed there for the night.  It was a comfortable place complete with a shower.  A SHOWER!

We hung out and had a good time, but didn’t stay up too late because the next morning I had to be ready for day two of Sports Camp: Baseball Day.


Drills Action Shot


And after All the Drills – a Game


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