Sports Camp: Baseball Day

The second day of Sports Camp was devoted to baseball and since I played baseball that one time I was the expert placed in charge – along with Hännah and Sarah.

I didn’t think that the kids were tired enough after the warmups the day before so, with the thought that tired kids are easier to handle than wired ones, we took off for some running.  I had only planned to do a half mile, but apparently these kids had extra sugar in their tea that morning so we did an extra lap making it 3/4 mile and then ten or fifteen minutes of sprints.  That wore them out pretty good.

Lauren led stretching and then we spent the rest of the morning doing throwing, catching, base running, and batting drills.  While you can get more across than you might think with gestures and a few key words, we were still very fortunate to have a couple students on hand who speak very good English and could do some translating for us.  They helped to make the morning really successful.  I think the kids had fun and it sure seemed like they learned a lot too.

As it turns out running and sprinting also makes me tired and by noon I was pretty much down for the count.  After lunch we had quite a few kids so we split them up into four teams and separated them for two games at a time.

We called it a day at around 2:00 then headed back to the apartment for more food as prepared by Max.  The second day’s dinner was as solid as the first.

The others went to bed ready for day three of Sports Camp: Volleyball.  As much as I would have liked to stick around though, the next day I was headed back to Kara Suu for some meetings with Damira.


Tom Giving Some Instructions


Throwing Drills


A Good Way to End the Day


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