The River and the Radio

With an uncommonly generous 24 hours of advance notice, I was invited to join some of the other Volunteers for a radio show and a “river lay” in Talas City this Sunday.

After getting up early (at 6:30) to beat the heat and stack some hay with Nurkalyi, I hitched myself a ride to Talas City and met up with Anna at the American style café, Bunchik.  I had an ice cold Coke and a delicious (read: really delicious) chicken bagel burger that the owner learned to make on YouTube.

The two of us then walked to an apartment complex where one of the apartments has been converted into a radio studio.  I met several really impressive local teenagers; some of whom have participated or are preparing to participate in the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program which involves a year of study at a US High School.

The hour long show included some chatting (in English) about ourselves, some games, and conversation about travelling – what we like about travelling, where we’ve been, and where we would like to go.  The local kids had some really interesting things to say and experiences to share.  They may not have travelled as widely as the Volunteers, but as passionate and excited as they are about it, I have no doubt that they will and then some.  I said it before, but I really was totally impressed by these kids.  They’ve got experience, knowledge, passion, and charisma that I wasn’t even close to matching at their ages;  I was too busy playing video games and not talking to girls for that.

After the radio show I finally got to experience the much talked about “river lay” or hanging out and swimming down by the Talas River with a group of other Volunteers.  It was a really nice day.  I soaked up some sun and got some swimming done too.

I finally decided to head back to Kara Suu around 6:00 to get some prep work done for a meeting I would have the next day with the municipal drinking water dudes for the Rayon the next morning.


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