An Early Start to a Long Day

Sometimes Damira likes to call me around 7:00 and ask that I meet her somewhere within half an hour or so.  I think she does this mostly because at my language level  it’s easier to convey “be in this place now” than “well, how do you feel about meeting in this place at this time?  Will this work?  Or does this work better?  Maybe this instead.”

In any case, on Wednesday I woke up to my phone buzzing next to my head at 7:15.


“Cole, condi?  Caat segis mektep barsung. Makle?” (“Cole, how are you?  Go to the school at eight o’clock. Ok?”)

“Makle, caat segis.” (“Ok, eight o’clock.”)

So I got out of bed, and just in case I found myself outdoors, threw on a pair of jeans, and just in case I found myself at a meeting, a collared shirt to go with them.  I did a once over in the mirror to check the state of my burgeoning Peace Corps beard and headed out the door.

As it turned out I did find myself at a meeting.  In fact, I found myself at a meeting with the head of the whole Aiyl Okmotu (village government) for Kara Suu and the two closest villages – Kara Buura and Beisheke.

There has been some disagreement for a while about the status of a designated space for the VHC and as of now we don’t have one.  I’m not 100% sure of the details, but I’ll be sure to post an update when (if) anything happens on that front.

The meeting about the office space lasted about half an hour.

Afterwards, Damira and I went to a friend’s house to chai ich (have tea and a snack and just hang out) for a bit.

By this time it was maybe 10:00 in the morning.  Way more had already happened than I had expected for the day and when Bagyshaly, the municipal water manager for Kara Buura, picked me up I had no idea how long a day I was in for.


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