Back over the Mountains

After six weeks of getting to know Kara Suu and Talas it was finally time to head back to Kengesh for the third (and final) phase of my Peace Corps training.

Leah, a Volunteer who lives in Ming Bulak (Thousand Springs), coordinated a ride for all ten of us K-23s in Talas with her host brother.  We all met up at the Talas City Bazaar, and after just a little trouble locating a lost cell phone, we were back on our way over the mountains to Chui.

If it’s possible, going over the Ala Too Mountains was even more impressive the second time.  Even in the places where there is nothing but natural landscape there is a distinctly foreign feel.  There is nothing quite like these mountains anywhere I’ve ever been.

Not only did the views leave nothing to be wanted, but the company and conversation was just the refresher I needed.  Since we had the taxi to ourselves, we were free to be as loud an obnoxious as we wanted.

We had a great time imagining an anthropologist in some distant future trying to figure out why everyone in Pokrovka speaks English with a Marylander accent.  Chris -fondly known as Jolly Chris – gets started talking the same way you might crank start a Model T and may very well be my favorite Volunteer.

We laughed about all unlikely things we’ve done and all the unlikely things we’ve gotten used to .

(Quick plug: Links to a bunch of the other Volunteers’ Blogs are HERE. They’ve got some really great stories too.)

It was a six hour drive back to Bishkek, but it sure didn’t feel like it.

I barely stopped to switch taxis and made it that last 45 minutes back to Kengesh and my Pre-Service Training Host Family: Zahara, Kuban, Sultan, Anara, Tamerlane, and Irlan.


Featured Photo Credit: Lauren Groulik, Super-Duper Photographer


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