That One Warm Week

It seems like every January there’s one week of spring-like weather when the snow and ice melt, the temperature gets over 55˚ for a single afternoon, and everyone just kind of bathes in it.  They go for walks or a drive, get the bike out for a cruise around town, clean the garage, or just sit on the porch.  I was always a little torn about those days, because as great as a little sunshine and warmth can be in the middle of winter, they also make the second half of the season that much gloomier.  In any case, Kyrgyzstan also has that kind of week in January.  This week in fact.

It’s been nice to see everyone out and about taking a hiatus from hibernation.  The old folks are back on their benches by the street, shaking hands with everyone who goes by and catching a bit of news.  Rugs and bedding are hanging out on the lines drying in the sun instead of just freezing in the wind.  The neighbor kids are playing some soccer in the yard.  And I’m finally back outdoors with my book taking in a little bit of sun myself.

School starts up again tomorrow after the long Jange Jil break and I think things will pick back up again with it too.  I’m hoping to work more with a school in Kirovka doing some English and maybe helping out with a book grant too.  And as slow as it’s been for a while, a lot of ground work was being laid for some of the water/sanitation projects Volunteers have been hoping to do all over the country.  Some of these should start coming into being in the next few months.  Plus, as hard as it is to believe, the K-24s will arrive already in April – less than three months from now.

I know it’s not really spring; it’s still January for Pete’s sake, but a couple of warm days is enough to remind me that it will come eventually.


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