Support Clean Water in Kyzyl Adyr

I’ve said before that Kyrgyzstan is a place of wild contradictions and that holds true in the fields of water and sanitation (the issues closest to my heart) too.

In the cities indoor plumbing is fairly ubiquitous and even in the villages it’s not uncommon.  While one household, though, might have an indoor sink, shower, and toilet their neighbor is just as likely to be gathering water from a nearby stream – which is exactly what’s happening in Kyzyl Adyr.

Those of Kyzyl Adyr’s residents living in its central districts have access to safe and reliable drinking water supplied to their homes, but their neighbors in the North-West District do not.  Because the North-West District is outside the service area of the community’s water distribution network, those who live there have to gather water from shallow public wells and streams.

When I met Duishenbek Naraliev, Kyzyl Adyr’s municipal engineer, last fall he explained all of this to me.  92 homes – more than 400 people – were getting water from these unsafe places when, if only an extension could be added, they would have access to clean, reliable water.

When he suggested we try to do something about it I hesitated, afraid that the problem presented too big a task to tackle.  But Duishenbek kept at it.  He rallied the support of city administration.  He obtained pledges from the residents to support the project (which they have already proven their commitment to by covering a third of the project cost).  Chrissi Edens, my fellow Talas Health Volunteer and indispensable partner in this project, stepped in to help fundraise and plan.

After months of preparing we are all of us committed to making this project happen but, as this post’s title implies, we need your help.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how generous, capable, and strong-willed the Kyrgyz people are.  You’ll know that they will make their communities stronger if only they have access to the right resources.  This is an opportunity for all of us to make those resources available for this one community here in Kyrgyzstan.  And as cliché as it might be, I really believe we’ll make a difference by doing it.

Please, consider supporting the Kyzyl Adyr Municipal Water Expansion Project, North-West District at:

If you’re unable to donate, that’s ok too.  You can still support the project by sharing the page on Facebook or Twitter.  You can mention it to a friend or two.  The broader the reach of our campaign the quicker we can get started and get water to those who need it.


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