We’re Still Here

So, last time I posted  it was about supporting the Kyzyl Adyr Municipal Water Expansion Project.  I said that we would be installing 1500 meters of new mainline pipe.  And how families would have reliable water service in their homes.  I said how important all of this was, how much it mattered and how everyone should help.

Then I went MIA for like three months.

The short of it is that getting the project funded and prepared kind of took over my life there for a bit and all the while failure to do so was a not unlikely outcome.  Like a running toddler tripping on his shoelaces into a puddle type failure.  Like a cat jumping off a slick surface type failure.  Like fourth of July fireworks going off in a cul-de-sac type failure.


That’s not what happened.  We made it through to the other side.  Now here we are.  The money raised, materials purchased, and work under way.  Whoo Hoo!

Failure is much less likely at this point – at least no one is going to end up on YouTube anyway.

Actually, despite the hyperbole, I’m pretty confident of everything coming together.  My counterpart, Duishenbek, and my fellow volunteer, Chrissi, really stepped up to get us to this point.

Also, a ton of friends and family donated to support the project.  I can’t thank them enough.  I really meant it when I said supporting the project would make a difference and I’ll keep things updated here and on Facebook to show everyone just how.


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