About Me

Hey!  I’m Cole Bedford, a Health Extension Volunteer in the US Peace Corps living and working in rural Kyrgyzstan.  As a Volunteer my job is to:

(1) Help the people of Kyrgyzstan meet their need for trained men and women,

(2) Promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of Kyrgyz, and

(3) Promote a better understanding of Kyrgyz on the part of Americans

In addition to my work here I am also an enrollee in Michigan Technological University’s (MTU) Master’s International program pursuing a Master’s degree in civil engineering.  I completed my coursework in the spring of 2014, will conduct research while completing my two year volunteer service abroad, and will return to defend and graduate in the summer of 2017.

Here in Kyrgyzstan is intended to give people back home a sense of Kyrgyzstan, the people here, and the work I’m involved in. Feel free to comment on any of the pages or posts and I’d be more than happy to respond or write about any particular topic that might be interesting.

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