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Believe it or not, Peace Corps Volunteers aren’t the only expats in Kyrgyzstan (are PC Volunteers expats? That might be debatable.)  There are employees of various embassies, members of aid organizations, entrepreneurs, students and other academics, and a whole slew of others. The weekend after my visit to Bazar Korgon found me in Bishkek for […]

Back in November I was fortunate to travel to the South of Kyrgyzstan to visit Jalalabad and Osh cities.  On my way there I passed right through the community of Bazar Korgon where three of my fellow volunteers – Marguerite, Mike, and Nick – live.  I got lucky again and was invited to Marguerite’s village […]

A couple of weeks ago students all over Kyrgyzstan participated in “I Love English Week” which involved English language activities and promotion culminating in English Day on February 12.  For my own part I was invited to the week’s finale at the Language Lyceum in Kirovka.  What I assumed was going to be a couple […]

Before I came to Kyrgyzstan I spent a year at Michigan Tech (represent!) doing coursework toward an eventual, someday, definitely-gonna-happen, master’s degree in civil engineering.  While I was there I took a class called “Water Resources Management.”  And a big part of that class (because I’m sure you’re interested) was how dams are used to […]

It seems like every January there’s one week of spring-like weather when the snow and ice melt, the temperature gets over 55˚ for a single afternoon, and everyone just kind of bathes in it.  They go for walks or a drive, get the bike out for a cruise around town, clean the garage, or just […]

Tea is the drink of choice in Kyrgyzstan.  Black tea to English speakers, red tea to Kyrgyz speakers.  Sometimes with a cube of sugar, sometimes with home-made jam mixed in, on rare occasion with some milk from the neighbor’s cow.  But always tea. When my host mom calls me for a meal she says, “chai […]

What kinds of water and sanitation projects has the Peace Corps done in Kyrgyzstan? Could we do more of them? Should we do more of them? How would we do more of them? These are the kinds of things I’ve been wondering about, but as of now most of the answers are pretty vague and […]